Big Thinkers Series
The Big Thinkers Series is a series of discussion worksheets for intelligent teenagers and young adults with the aim of provoking intelligent discussion and enthusiasm to learn more about the world around them.

A discussion on the various subcultures that exist, why people idenify with them, and a comparison between mainstream thinking and the underground.

A discussion of conspiracy theories, why people like them so much and whether or not any of them are true.
The Left and the Right

A discussion of the ideologies of left- and right-wing politics. Who believes what and why? Who is right?

Artificial Intelligence

A discussion on the development of artificial intelligence and how or why it could threaten human existence.

50 group discussion questions for lateral thinking practice

Critical Thinking Skills
5 Common Logical Fallacies
Distinguishing premises and conclusions.
Notes From The Future
Robot 'Companions' Lead to Population Decline in Japan
Plug Pulled on AI After Disturbing Comments
'Wallface' Automobile Virus Claims Three More Lives
Rebus Puzzles
Trivia Questions