5 Common Logical Fallacies
Essay Example

Read the following essay written by a student. Which logical fallacies can you find in the student’s arguments?

For too long, bullies have been able to get away with causing physical and emotional harm to those weaker than themselves. A practical solution to this problem is to make bullying a criminal offence.

Bullies never listen to reason. You can never talk your way out of a situation with a bully - they don’t care. They don’t have pity like normal people do. The only way to deal with them is through the law. After all, they act like criminals, so they should be treated like criminals.

The wrestler Thundero is well-known for being a tough guy but, as he admitted in a recent interview, even he was bullied at school. In fact, it was the bullying that made him take up weightlifting and wrestling so that he could defend himself. Thundero mentioned in a tweet that he supported the Campaign to End Bullying and that bullying should be illegal.

From the point of view of the teachers, there are only two ways to deal with bullying: through the school or through the law. Schools have shown themselves to be ineffective but the law can only be involved in extreme cases. We should make all bullying illegal even if nobody is seriously hurt.

In conclusion, the arguments outlined above show that involving the police is a good way to stop bullying. Surely any bully would think twice when the punishment is a jail term.