'Wallface' Automobile Virus Claims Three More Lives

New York
April30, 2030

The infamous ‘Wallface’ virus, which infects automobile computer systems claimed three more lives yesterday.

The first victim, Ms Elaine Rutherford of Boston, was on her way to work when her car made an abrupt right turn and smashed into a supermarket wall at a speed of seventy miles per hour. Ms Rutherford was killed instantly. The other two victims died in similar circumstances: Mrs Sherry Matthews of Lilton, Texas, also drove into a wall and Mr Douglas Luton of Blackhill, Iowa drove into a tree.

In all three cases, according to investigators, the victims were taunted with a five second countdown and a message telling them, ‘Prepare to die’ on the car’s information display.

This brings the total number of deaths caused by the virus to sixty-four.

The Government’s Secretary of Technology answered questions from the press where he once again played down the dangers of the virus. “We have explained to people many times that as long as they install the mandatory security update in their automobiles, they will be perfectly safe. In all three of these cases, unfortunately, the victims had ignored our repeated instructions to do this.

“This virus is the handiwork of a sick individual and I promise you that we will spare no resources in tracking this person or persons down, where after, he or she will face the full brunt of the law.

“I would also like to reiterate that, despite the sensational aspects of these accidents, the decision to switch over to fully automated driving on our nations’ roads has resulted in a huge decrease in traffic fatalities.

“I repeat my instructions to all US car owners to ensure that they have installed the mandatory security updates released last week. I’d also like to remind people that altering a car’s computer system so that it can be operated manually is considered a felony and punishable by up to fifteen years’ incarceration.”